2/6/11 - Sorry about the huge delay. Picked up another job, so my schedule's gotten a bit weird.

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Fan Work

Updated whenever sanity permits, usually once a week. Watch the Livejournal Community or Twitter account for alerts.

Email the author at l.k.malnassy [at] gmail [dot] com.

Comic Data

Genre: Urban Fantasy with an emphasis on Greek mythology.

Comic Rating: PG-13, for all things commonly found in the aforementioned mythology.

Update Schedule: Unpredictable.

Continuity: Ridiculously necessary. Newcomers may embrace the archives and despair.

Contains: Water and mountain, nymphs of; Epic Poetry, the Muse of; Light and Logic, the God of; oracles, Sibylline and unspecified; one therapist, shape-shifting; one reincarnated prince, for some reason British; a couple normal humans, drinking heavily.

Classical Education Bonus: High.

Author's Regret for Early Art: Profound.

For details on the lengthy gap in the archives, as well as the reasons behind the erratic update schedule, refer to the Sea of Insanity Live Journal Community post on the topic.
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